Ulteo was founded by Gael Duval, Mandriva’s co-founder (see his biography) in 2007. Ulteo was integrated into the company AZnetwork in 2015.

The headquarters of the startup are based in Hérouville Saint-Clair, France. Five employees work actually on the OVD project.


Ulteo and the Open Virtual Desktop (OVD) project was conceived with the vision of simplifying the work of the IT administrator by offering an easy to implement yet powerful solution that simplifies the delivery and management of desktops and applications. OVD provides on-demand access to virtual desktops and applications from any environment, streamlining IT delivery while enabling new ways of working.



Innovation is at the heart of what we do, all who work with and at ulteo are empowered to act innovatively and to inspire creativity in others. by taking risks and learning from our outcomes our aim is to build a solid foundation for future growth.


Collaboration and shared knowledge is the essence of creativity. Our source code is out there for all to see, judge and explore and we are open to ideas and collaboration proposals whether technical or business from individuals to commercial enterprises or institutions.


At Ulteo we do what is right by our customers, partners and investors. Ulteo employees act with honesty and integrity, building trusted and valued relationships with coworkers, customers, partners and stakeholders in our business.


Everyone who works with or at Ulteo is respected for their contribution and achievements. Everyone has equal access to our open resources. We welcome contribution to source code and documentation with contributions accepted on the basis of their merit and your skills.