Ulteo Application System Release notes (Polaris Alpha) - the automatic Operating System


Ulteo is a new innovative project aimed at simplifying the use and administration of computers for both invividual and corporate users by bypassing installation of applications, and bringing mobility features.

It's an hybrid, network-oriented and mostly automatic computing system. It's using network services intensively.

Currently, Ulteo consists of:

  • Ulteo Online Desktop (version 1): it lets users store their documents online, and open them with a choice of applications that run within their web-browser (Firefox, IE and others).

  • Ulteo Application System (Ulteo AS): is an installable version of Ulteo, for the local PC, that ships with hundreds applications and innovative features.

  • Ulteo Virtual Desktop for Windows (Ulteo VD): is the same as Ulteo Application System, virtualized for Windows XP and Vista, so you can mix Windows applications and Linux applications on the same desktop, seamlessly.

The basic version of the Ulteo AS provides a choice of applications for the daily userlife such as Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice.org..., but can be easily extented with an extended set of applications, from the Ulteo panel. It also provide by default document and panel content sychronization capabilities betwen the local installation of Ulteo and Ulteo Online Desktop.


You can have an overview of Ulteo AS features here (still under construction)


Many applications are provided with the Ulteo Application System base-install (CD-R size), that include Firefox, OpenOffice.org and many others.
Additional "application balls" (desktop apps, games...), with hundreds more apps, can be added from the Ulteo panel once authenticated. They will download automatically from Ulteo servers. Extra language support can be added this way as well.

Release notes

  • Date of release: October, 28th 2008
  • Form: downloadable CD ISO file.
  • Download: mirror page

Notes & Known Bugs

0 - Recommended hardware

Ulteo Application System should be able to install on most x86 CPU-based hardware, with CPU speed > 800Mhz and memory > 512MB (1GB recommended).

1 - installation

  • When booting the liveCD, select your language first. Then, choose from trying the system from the liveCD (and possibly install it later), or installing the system directly to your hard-drive.
  • DO NOT install the system with a separate /home or /boot partition (for now). Or it won't work. You have to install Ulteo AS on two partitions: / on one partition and swap on another partition.

2 - using the system

  1. it's better to have registered an account on Ulteo.com prior to use the AS, so you can benefit from online services, automatic data sync, etc. Registration is available at: https://www.ulteo.com/main/accounts/?p=login
  2. once the system installation is completed, boot Ulteo AS. At login prompt, use the password you set during installation
  3. once the "ulteo-aa" window is showing up, provide your Ulteo Online Desktop login name (this is your email address), and your Ulteo Online Desktop password. Starting from now, always authenticate with your local login and your web password!
  4. check your Ulteo panel, and go to "My settings" for a discovery course! Select "test" in Other Settings->Suite if you want that your changes take effect.
  5. for now, you have to check the /boot/yuch/ directory to see if new squashfs files download have been completed. If you have some .part files, it's not finished, so do not restart.

3 - known bugs

  1. If not network is available when the Ulteo AS is starting, your clock will not be synced immediatly from the network (with NTP). As a result, if your PC clock is not accurate, it's likely that you can't authenticate using ulteo-aa. Reason: kerberos refuses to distribute a ticket if client and server clocks are synced (with a 10min window tolerance). Will be fixed (if not already at beta release time).
  2. KDM boot: takes about 30 seconds in a proxied network environment (no direct connection to internet). Reason: due to pam_net and pam_kerberos. Pam_net only tests a domain resolution not a telnet on the kerberos port. Firewall issue.
  3. lightning extension for thunderbird doesn't seem to work well
  4. keyboard layout is not localized in console mode
  5. root and user bash aliases miss our Ulteo aliases
  6. Ulteo panel: clicking on logout makes a panel appear, but some buttons can't be clicked until you do a fake click on "cancel" button
  7. clicking on "lock" doesn't always work
  8. sound: work just after installation but not after 2nd reboot. Reason: /etc/init.d/alsa-utils "forgets" front channel settings (volume, on/off). Need to sitch front channel to on and increase volume in the mixer to have sound back.
  9. power management software not installed/not here: package kde-guidance-powermanager is missing
  10. ulteo-aa authentication is requested after a few days while it shouldn't be. Reason: UGD forces insufficient permissions to the user's kerberos ticket file which becomes unreadable.

4 - how to report bugs & suggest features

As Ulteo AS is really something new, we have many new developments that probably contain some bugs.

So please report your bugs at:

You can also suggest features here.

You can also join the "devel" Ulteo mailing-list.
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