Ulteo Java RDP client

Ulteo is seeking a Java/C developer contractor to port some additional rdesktop features to an existing Java RDP applet.

We're looking for a developer with a good experience in Java and C development. The work includes porting some C code to Java, adding some code to address the Windows (XP, Vista) plateform specificities, and doing performance tests.

Project description

Ulteo is an open-source company and we are looking for improving an existing RDP Java applet client that run on Linux, Windows and MacOS. It's based on the "properJavaRDP" (http://properjavardp.sourceforge.net/) which is an open source Java RDP client for Windows Terminal Services that is actually a port of rdesktop.

We have improved the Seamless feature in that applet, but it still lacks some other features that have been implemented in rdesktop, but not ported yet to the Java applet client.

Right now we need at least the following features to be ported from the rdesktop project to the Java applet. Note that those new features should work:

  • at least on Windows and Linux clients
  • on MacOS clients would be a plus

This has a significant impact on the development, at least on sound support.

New features to be added to the java applet fit the rdesktop following options:

-r disk:=,...
Redirects a path to the share \\tsclient\ on
the server (requires Windows XP or newer). The share name is
limited to 8 characters.

-r printer:[=],...
Redirects a printer queue on the client to the server.
The is the name of the queue in your local system.
defaults to a simple PS-driver unless you specify one. Keep in
mind that you need a 100% match in the server environment, or the
driver will fail. The first printer on the command line will be set as
your default printer.

-r sound:[local|off|remote]
Redirects sound generated on the server to the client.
"remote" only has any effect when you connect to the console with the -0
option. (Requires Windows XP or newer).

The initial working directory for the user. Often used in combination with -s to set up
a fixed login environment.

-P Enable caching of bitmaps to disk (persistent bitmap caching). This generally 
improves performance (especially on low bandwidth connections) and reduces network 
traffic at the cost of slightly longer startup and some disk space. 
(10MB for 8-bit colour, 20MB for 15/16-bit colour and 30MB for 24-bit colour sessions)

Being able to add an USB redirection channel and better compression management would be a plus.

Please send experience and motivation information, timeframe, plus estimated cost for that work (price you're requiring) to : gduval -AT- ulteo -DOT- com

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