Ulteo Documents Synchronizer

A FREE Documents auto-synchronization and backup tool for WindowsTM XP and Vista.

The Ulteo Documents Synchronizer ("UDS") has been created for Windows users who want to backup some documents online and want to retrieve and use them under the Ulteo Online Desktop, and for Ulteo Online Desktop users who want to easily retrieve some documents on their Windows desktop.

With the Ulteo Documents Synchronizer, you don't have to handle manual upload/download of your documents to the Ulteo Online Desktop anymore: just install it under Windows, feed it with documents you want to backup or send to the Online Desktop. They get synchronized automatically.

How does it work?

First of all, download and install the Ulteo Documents Synchronizer on your Windows machine! Only a few clicks are needed to have it up and ready to work.
Then, put any document/data that you want to be synchronized in your local "sync" directory. You will find this directory both in the Online Desktop, in the Application System and on your Windows desktop once you have installed the Ulteo Documents Synchronizer. Any file that you have added to this directory will be synchronized to the other Ulteo places (Application System or Online Desktop)!

How long does it take to synchronize? How often? How much?

Synchronization happens by default at startup and every 30 minutes. The speed of synchronization depends mostly on the speed of your Internet access. By default, you can synchronize files up to 10MB. With your Free account, you can store a total of 1GB online.

How much does it cost?

It's Free! For free, you get 1GB online storage, you can transfer files up to 10MB, and everything gets synchronized every 30 minutes. If you want to transfer bigger files, more often, and store up to 10GB online, just subscribe an Ulteo Premium offer!

Supported platforms

  • Windows XP / Windows Vista
  • Mac OS and GNU/Linux version will be available later... (synchronization is already a default feature of the Ulteo Application System)


Download UDS as a 15MB .exe file that will install under Windows. Download here.

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