Ulteo unveils the first Open Source virtual desktop, providing businesses with quicker, cheaper deployment and easier applications management

Published on 11/19/2008
Following its commitment to desktop virtualization solutions, Ulteo, an Open Virtual Desktop Infrastructure company, announced today that they were releasing the first installable version of their Open Virtual Desktop solution for enterprises. Delivering faster deployment times and ease of management for the IT department, this first release can be integrated easily into an existing professional Linux or Windows IT environment. The solution can be up and running in a few minutes, delivering rich desktop applications to corporate users.

Virtual desktops help reduce end user desktop TCO, but businesses can go much further with the open source Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop Solution

Ulteo enters the corporate market as a pure Open Source player, and leverages the experience it acquired during the past two years with virtualization products & services that were previously offered on their own servers.

The Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop is a great solution for corporations who want to reduce the Total Costs of Ownership of the end user desktop, a cost that cripples IT budgets. Moreover, the Ulteo open source business model remove the typical upfront licence fee and replace it with a much more affordable subscription support plan instead. “With Ulteo businesses save money even in the first year of virtual desktops deployment and that counts in the current economic environment” says Thierry Koehrlen, CEO and co-founder of the company.

The Ulteo solution also helps IT departments to increase the end users systems uptime and mobility and therefore their productivity.

“This first version of the Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop is great for all the companies who are seeking to leverage open source applications and Linux within a Linux or a Windows environment. And in February 2009, Windows applications will be available too, integrated into a unified interface" Koehrlen advises.

Ulteo makes virtual desktops easier for the IT department:

Ulteo's solution has been designed with a radical approach: in particular, no installation is needed on the Desktop client, and nothing has to be replaced or modified in the existing infrastructure.

IT administrators appreciate the simplified quick installation, configuration and deployment process of the Ulteo virtual desktops. They also appreciate the value of accessing to the code so that the solution can be customized to fit even better their specific needs.

Advanced features include a full administration console, desktop sharing, application server replication and many others.

The Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop is ready for business:

The product has already served more than 140,000 desktop sessions over the last few months and has been tested through external Proof of Concepts with some early adopters’ organisations. “So we are very excited to share it now with the rest of the world and to expand the community of users and developers around it” reports Gael Duval, CTO and co-founder of Ulteo.

Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop is Open-Source and IT departments have the choice to either use the free version with community support, or benefit from commercial licensing terms that offers extended support to organizations wishing to enter a commercial and privileged relationship with Ulteo.

For more information please go to http://www.ulteo.com

Media enquiries: please contact press@ulteo.com

About Ulteo

Ulteo is and Open Source Enterprise Virtual Desktop and Application Delivery Solution co-founded by veteran open source entrepreneurs Gaël Duval (founder of Mandrake Linux, a popular Linux distribution) and Thierry Koehrlen (co-founder of Intalio, the leading Open Source BPMS).

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