Ulteo releases the First Version of its Open Virtual Desktop (OVD), an enterprise Open Source solution for delivering both Linux and/or Windows applications.

Published on 04/22/2009
Now organizations can deliver to their PC users either Windows or Linux applications or a mix of the two on the same user desktop via the Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop.
“Last year, when we launched our OVD for linux applications, many public and private organizations across the world contacted us to ask us when we would offer a solution for just Windows applications or for a combination of Windows and Linux”, says Thierry Koehrlen, CEO of Ulteo.
“So we have been developing this new solution and tested it with many organizations of all sizes. Today we release it as our V1 so that companies can leverage the best of all worlds. Since it is centrally managed, deployment is very fast and does not impact the client PC. Windows users can finally get Linux applications and those who migrated or planning to migrate to Linux can deliver the missing Windows applications back to the PC, all in a web browser.”

Since Ulteo is Open Source, the OVD can be easily integrated both into existing infrastructure and with complementary solutions.
“For Windows applications, the Ulteo OVD runs on top of Windows Server Terminal Services. In addition, it is an ideal solution for server management, load balancing and monitoring Windows TS servers”, explains Gael Duval, CTO of Ulteo.
“But we also have requests to integrate the Ulteo OVD with commercial or Open Source portals, Enterprise Content Management, LDAP or Active Directory, etc. Since it is Open Source, these integrations are happening really fast."

With no upfront licence fees, the Ulteo OVD is an ideal solution in a difficult economic environment.
The Ulteo solution is Open Source and free of charge but many organizations would like a commercial relationship with Ulteo. Now they can buy affordable annual enterprise subscription plans to get the same benefits as a commercial alternative. As a result, the ROI with Ulteo is better and faster than commercial products that come with upfront license fees.

With such key unique benefits, Ulteo is getting a lot of attention in the market.
In a few months Ulteo got several hundred media and blog articles and thousands of downloads by prospective customers and partners from more than 100 countries. One question that comes frequently now is: what’s next and when will you have an Open Source VDI solution? “We have been working on it and it is coming very soon along side key new features for the current OVD”, announces Thierry Koehrlen.

Open Virtual Desktop 1.0 is now available for download.

Read more about the features.

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About Ulteo
Ulteo is and Open Source Enterprise Virtual Desktop and Application Delivery Solution co-founded by veteran open source entrepreneurs Gaël Duval (founder of Mandrake Linux, a popular Linux distribution) and Thierry Koehrlen (co-founder of Intalio, the leading Open Source BPMS).
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