Institute for Information Technology, Taiwan, is partnering with Ulteo to jointly develop Cloud Appliance for the Enterprise (CAFÉ)

Published on 04/06/2011
Dr. George Wang, Executive Vice President of the Institute for Information Industry (III), Taiwan, and Mr. Thierry Koehrlen, CEO, Ulteo SAS announced that they have reached an agreement to jointly develop Cloud Appliance solutions For the Enterprises (CAFÉ).

The agreement was reached during the Taiwanese Ministry of Economics Affairs (MOEA) delegation to Europe to seek open innovation partnerships in February, 2011, led by Vice Minister Dr. Jung-Chiou Huang, MOEA, and Director General Dr. Ming-Ji Wu, Department of Industrial Technology, MOEA.

Cloud Computing is a strategic development direction for Taiwan. Facing the challenge of increasing commoditization of server hardware, the government of Taiwan has adopted a strategy to focus on integrating hardware with system software to significantly improve the value of Taiwanese IT offerings. The goal of is to become a major worldwide supplier of Cloud Computing systems and solutions and a showcase for innovative Cloud computing services.

The III and Ulteo joint R&D agreement is a key piece of this Cloud Computing strategy: CAFÉ includes technology for delivering Windows, Linux applications as well as web applications to the desktop through a unified and user friendly interface. It will significantly reduce the Total Cost of Computing for enterprises, small to mid-sized businesses, as well as provide cost effective solution to governments, schools and universities. These solutions will allow users to access their professional data and applications from almost any connected devices and will also provide enhanced security and significantly simplified management.

Ulteo has developed leadership technologies in this space with its Open Source Virtual Desktop (OVD) solution that serves as a key technology base for CAFE. Taiwan has been a world leader in hardware manufacturing and is in the best position to develop Cloud Computing appliance products. III will work with Ulteo and leading Taiwanese hardware manufacturers to jointly develop world leading Cloud Computing appliances for the Asian and worldwide markets.

About III

The Institute for Information Industry (III) is a major national software laboratory in Taiwan. It has been a major contributor to Taiwan’s development into a significant player in the global ICT industry. III not only emphasizes cross-disciplinary environment, university-industry collaborations, techno-cultural co-development, but has also supported Taiwan’s ICT industry with advanced technologies and international links that have significantly strengthen global competitiveness.

About Ulteo

Ulteo is a commercial open source software vendor that develops and distributes the OVD (Open Virtual Desktop). We focus on virtual desktop and application delivery Solutions. The company was co-founded by veteran Open Source entrepreneurs Gaël Duval (founder of Mandrake Linux, a popular Linux distribution) and Thierry Koehrlen (previously co-founder of Intalio, a leading Open Source BPMS).

The first CAFÉ solution will be tuned and tested with a small group of organizations. If you are interested in participating in this early testing program please contact: cafe[@]iii[dot]org[dot]tw or cafe [@] ulteo [dot] com
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