Ulteo Online Desktop: your applications and data in a web browser!

The Ulteo Online Desktop has been designed to offer both the software applications you are using and your personal data within a webbrowser. As a result you can retrieve your Digital Life anywhere!

Coupled to the Ulteo Application System (that can be installed on the PC to replace Windows) or the Windows Document Synchronizer (to be released soon) if you plan to stay under Windows, you will feel a new experience with your PC!

Which applications are provided with the Ulteo Online Desktop?

At the moment, you will find a selection of applications that include:

  • Firefox web browser enabled with Flash & Java
  • The full OpenOffice.org office suite that can deal with your MS Office documents
  • KPdf to deal with your PDF documents
  • Kopete: the multi-Instant Messaging software that supports MSN and other protocols
  • Skype
  • Thunderbird + Enigmail (so you can encrypt your emails!)
  • Gimp and Digikam to manage your pictures
  • Inkscape and Scribus to create great graphics and newspapers
  • and... many others!

We even plan to add Windows applications soon!

How to use the Ulteo Online Desktop?

What you need is just a web-browser with Java enabled. Preferred web-browsers: Firefox 2, IE7, but others work too. Start here!

What's the cost for using Ulteo Online Desktop?

Ulteo Online Desktop is FREE to use! You can start a session, use it, get your data synchronized, share your online desktop, everything for FREE. If you want more storage, more invitations, more frequent data synchronization, you can subscribe an Ulteo Premium. We have various offers, depending on your needs. And don't forget that subscribing a Premium is also a very good way to fuel Ulteo development!

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