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Short questionnaire

Please answer the following questions (it should only take a minute). You will then be able to download the Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop.

Question #1: Why do you want to download the Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop?

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Question #3: How did you hear of Ulteo?

Question #4: what is your role within your organization?

Question #5: what is the size of your organization (number of employees)

Question #6: Where do you live? (country list)

Contact information:

It's warmly recommended that you leave a valid email address below so you can download Ulteo OVD and stay aware of new Ulteo products in the corporate Desktop virtualization field. We are likely to send you information approximately once every month, and we don't sell your contact information to any corporation. If you represent an organization, your email is mandatory so we can get in touch with you and provide expertize with your virtualization project.

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