Web Office suite - OpenOffice.org online launch - BETA

Run OpenOffice.org 3.0 within your web browser with the Ulteo Online Desktop, manage your office document online, share your OpenOffice.org session in realtime, share your prints and get PDFs...
Important note to Ubuntu users (Feisty, Gutsy): please use the real Sun JVM!
To Konqueror users: Konqueror is not well supported yet.

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Minimum requirements:

In order to use the Ulteo Online Desktop, you need a modern web-browser with Javascript and the Sun Java Runtime 1.5+ Environement plugin enabled. It's been successfully tested on Firefox 1.5+, IE6/IE7, and Safari. Konqueror is known to be problematic.
Beware: on most recent versions of Ubuntu, please check that you are using the Sun Java plugin (Sun JRE), or it will fail. We are working to solve this issue.

If you encounter any issue when launching the Online Desktop, check that you don't have a firewall. If so, you can try to use a web proxy. In case of problem: close the Online Desktop virtual session window, wait for some time, and restart from this page. A broadband access is recommended. Please report any bug by sending an email to: cdtest at ulteo dot com

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