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A speaking clock shell script using festival, date, and cron
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Ulteo Newbie

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 17, 2006 7:33 am   A speaking clock shell script using festival, date, and cron
I present this script which I built to solve a problem. I get involved, and when I get involved I forget about the passage of time. Pop up windows are intrusive, and I forget to look at the clock in the tray. I needed something to get my attention without interruption, and remind me that time is passing. Back when I used M.S. Windows (circa 1998), I had a speaking clock program that ran in memory, and spoke the time each quarter hour, but it used a lot of resources even when it was just waiting to speak. A speaking clock for Linux was what I wanted, but I could not find one. While searching the WEB, I did find the Festival Speech Synthesis System at the University of Edinburgh. Festival is a command line tool which essentially can 'read' text from standard input (or a pipe), and 'say' it through the sound system.

To make a long story short, I decided to make a shell script to get the current system time and pass it to festival. I run my script each quarter hour with cron. The end result is much like the speaking clock I had back in Windows, but better since my clock only runs when it speaks.

You can copy and paste this script into a text editor, then save it as spktime in the location of your choice. If you want to make it available only to a single user, you can put it in that user's ~/bin directory. If you want to make it available system wide, you can save it in /usr/bin (as root). In either case, remember to make it executable with 'chmod +x ' (no quotes).

To 'speak' the system time each quarter hour where spktime is placed in ~/bin, you can add this line to your crontab:

0,15,30,45 * * * * ~/bin/spktime

or if you placed spktime in /usr/bin, use this line:

0,15,30,45 * * * * /usr/bin/spktime

Here is the script:


# third revision - version 0.3.5 - 2002,12,12
# spktime - script to use festival speech synthesis
# system to output current time to the sound system.

# Created by Ernest N. Wilcox Jr.
# I can be contacted at

# This script is released under the GPL v 2 as is.
# I accept no liability if you choose to use it.
# If you choose to improve my script, and make
# your changes public, you must do the following:
# 1. include my comments.
# 2. identify yourself,
# 3. note your changes under these comments.
# 4. provide contact information

# To speak the current time each quarter hour
# save this script as spktime in your ~/bin directory
# and add the following line in your crontab:

# 0,15,30,45 * * * * ~/bin/spktime

# This is the end of required comments.
# now to the real job Smile.

# Set up a variable to hold the current minute
# of the hour using the date command:
MIN=$(date +"%M")

# And another to hold the current Hour:
HR=$(date +"%l")

# A third to hold some introduction text so I know
# I am hearing the current time:
INTRO="The time is, "

# Use a case statement to change the minute
# number to the equivalent word, but make the
# zero minute "o'clock". Handle all sixty minutes
# of the hour so this works correctly for any time.

case $MIN in
"00") MIN="o'clock";;
"01") MIN="Oh - one";;
"02") MIN="Oh - two";;
"03") MIN="Oh - three";;
"04") MIN="Oh - four";;
"05") MIN="Oh - five";;
"06") MIN="Oh - six";;
"07") MIN="Oh - seven";;
"08") MIN="Oh - eight";;
"09") MIN="Oh - nine";;
"10") MIN="ten";;
"11") MIN="eleven";;
"12") MIN="twelve";;
"13") MIN="thirteen";;
"14") MIN="fourteen";;
"15") MIN="fifteen";;
"16") MIN="sixteen";;
"17") MIN="seventeen";;
"18") MIN="eighteen";;
"19") MIN="nineteen";;
"20") MIN="twenty";;
"21") MIN="twenty one";;
"22") MIN="twenty two";;
"23") MIN="twenty three";;
"24") MIN="twenty four";;
"25") MIN="twenty five";;
"26") MIN="twenty six";;
"27") MIN="twenty seven";;
"28") MIN="twenty eight";;
"29") MIN="twenty nine";;
"30") MIN="thirty";;
"31") MIN="thirty one";;
"32") MIN="thirty two";;
"33") MIN="thirty three";;
"34") MIN="thirty four";;
"35") MIN="thirty five";;
"36") MIN="thirty six";;
"37") MIN="thirty seven";;
"38") MIN="thirty eight";;
"39") MIN="thirty nine";;
"40") MIN="forty";;
"41") MIN="forty one";;
"42") MIN="forty two";;
"43") MIN="forty three";;
"44") MIN="forty four";;
"45") MIN="forty five";;
"46") MIN="forty six";;
"47") MIN="forty seven";;
"48") MIN="forty eight";;
"49") MIN="forty nine";;
"50") MIN="fifty";;
"51") MIN="fifty one";;
"52") MIN="fifty two";;
"53") MIN="fifty three";;
"54") MIN="fifty four";;
"55") MIN="fifty five";;
"56") MIN="fifty six";;
"57") MIN="fifty seven";;
"58") MIN="fifty eight";;
"59") MIN="fifty nine";;
*) echo "error with minute $MIN" | festival --tts;;

# Use another case statement to do the following:
# Use the echo command to assemble the output
# text for the current time statement, change the
# number for the current hour to the equivalent
# word, and pipe the result to festival.

case $HR in
" 1") echo $INTRO "one, $MIN" | festival --tts;;
" 2") echo $INTRO "two, $MIN" | festival --tts;;
" 3") echo $INTRO "three, $MIN" | festival --tts;;
" 4") echo $INTRO "four, $MIN" | festival --tts;;
" 5") echo $INTRO "five, $MIN" | festival --tts;;
" 6") echo $INTRO "six, $MIN" | festival --tts;;
" 7") echo $INTRO "seven, $MIN" | festival --tts;;
" 8") echo $INTRO "eight, $MIN" | festival --tts;;
" 9") echo $INTRO "nine, $MIN" | festival --tts;;
"10") echo $INTRO "ten, $MIN" | festival --tts;;
"11") echo $INTRO "eleven, $MIN" | festival --tts;;
"12") echo $INTRO "twelve, $MIN" | festival --tts;;
*) echo "error with hour $HR and minute $MIN" | festival --tts;;

# end
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Ulteo Admin
Ulteo Admin

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 21, 2006 11:03 pm  
Very cool Smile
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