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Ulteo Sirius Alpha1 has been released! Towards an "Application System"?

Internet, December 6th, 2006 - Here is the first public version of Ulteo! Its codename is "Sirius" because we want to make it a star.

Ulteo Sirius can be downloaded from the following place:

The list of mirrors is going to be updated every time a new one is available. We ask that if you can host an FTP server for Ulteo downloads to please register at the following URL:

We remind you that until we are able to get more mirrors for downloads, your downloads might be a bit slower than normal. We will add support for torrent downloads/uploads as soon as we can. If you can help with this, we ask that you please contact us.

Release notes for Sirius Alpha1 are available at:

Now, just download the liveCD, burn it to a CD and put it into your PC and boot. Remember, that it is an ALPHA version software! If everything works as we have planned, this may be the only Ulteo install you need to perform on this machine! Why? Read the rest...

Ulteo was designed to ultimately simplify the use of computers.

We think that users of modern computers spend too much time performing administration tasks such as the few listed below:

As a result, users have to perform tasks that should be reserved to computer specialists, while we think that users should just spend time using the applications they need. Ulteo tries to provide answers to these issues.

The first answer we have is to consider the OS + applications as a whole system that we could call an "Application System". This system should:

1- always provide the most up to date stable features and self-upgrade automatically
2- require no, or very little, administration by the user
3- open users horizon to potentially every application which exists, the simple way

For this release of Ulteo Sirius Alpha1, we have focused on the first point. This means that after the first installation, Ulteo will try to check for any new versions available if a network connection is available, and self-upgrade by using an incremental upgrade mechanism.

What this means is that for the next alpha release version, no installation will be needed. Simply rebooting the system will be enough to get the new features and bug fixes.

A new alpha version will follow soon. In particular it will start to address the second major point of Ulteo. With each release we hope to explain a new part of the Ulteo "vision" in greater detail.

Stay tuned and enjoy the first tests!

     Gaël Duval & the Ulteo Team.