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Ulteo Sirius - Release notes

Ulteo Sirius - Alpha1

This is the first public version of Ulteo

Please use with care! This version is an experimental Ulteo system, it comes without any warranty and should not be used in a production environment.

New! a community-released version of this alpha release is now available as a vmx image that can run with vmware player. Download from the main FTP page. Note: sound is likely to be broken, and keyboard is configured in qwerty.


Minimal requirements: this version has been compiled for x86-32 processors. Minimal system RAM requirements are 256MB.

Technical notes: Yuch, liveHD, UGD...

This installable liveCD is based on Debian and Ubuntu packages. It's installed on the hard-drive using "Yuch", which is a way to mount the whole system as a loop from a read-only squashfs image and other layers.

Read-only layers and the Read-write system layer are put together using UnionFS. The installed Ulteo system is called a "liveHD" system, by comparison with the liveCD concept.

A deamon, called UGD (Ulteo General Daemon), is always connecting to Ulteo servers to see if a newer, more up to date system is available. It can then upgrade to this new system. UGD activity can be found in /boot/yuch/ugd.log

Detailed technical documentation will be added to the Ulteo website in the near future.

Known bugs


How to report bugs

The Ulteo's bugtracker is not ready yet, so please use the bugs@ulteo.com mailing-list to report bugs and hopefully a corresponding fix.

Main Software versions

And many others...


Download from our download page.