Ulteo OVD software is licensed through GNU GPL V2 and source code is freely available from www.ulteo.com. For organizations wishing to deploy OVD Premium Edition, the binary distribution is available through the purchase of an annual Ulteo Subscription Agreement (SA). An Ulteo SA entitles an organization to install and use the Ulteo OVD Premium Edition and provides version updates, maintenance releases and level 3 support within the subscription period.
Subscriptions are available for purchase on a named user basis.


An affordable annual subscription plan from Ulteo delivers better ROI than traditional proprietary license by providing the same benefits as commercial alternatives but without vendor lock-in and perpetual license fees:

Software distribution – the latest source code and binaries for the Ulteo OVD Premium Edition

New versions and feature updates to Ulteo OVD Premium Edition within the subscription period

Level 3 support – provides bug fixes and maintenance releases

Software indemnification (optional and for an additional charge)


An annual Ulteo Subscription Agreement (SA) is priced per named user with tiered pricing plans to suit projects of all sizes.

Evaluation Download

You can download OVD 4 Premium Edition and your Premium evaluation key on this page.

How to Purchase

Subscriptions up to 100 users can purchased through the Quick Start Program online from the Ulteo Store. Subscription Agreements for larger projects can be purchased direct from Ulteo or through an Ulteo Partner. To find out more please contact us .

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